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Posting an Ad
About Us
How do I post an Ad?
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Posting Problems
I can't find my ad. What's happened?
Why have I not received a posting confirmation email?
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Searching & Replying to Ads
How do I reply to an Ad?
What are alerts?
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Gumtree Policies
What are the General posting rules?
Gumtree Terms of Use
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Managing My Ads & Account
How do I edit - remove my Ad?
I forgot my password. Can you reset it?
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Staying Safe using Gumtree
How do I stay safe while using Gumtree?
What are the scams I should watch out for?
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Promoting My Ads
I paid for a feature but can't find my Ad on the site. Why?
How can I increase the chance of getting a good response to my Ad?
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Advertise on Gumtree
How can I have my website appear in Sponsored Links?
How can I advertise my business on Gumtree using banners?

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